Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

Is happiness something we can create? Could we do anything to increase it? The answer comes from the positive psychology research of the last 20 years, and it is positive. We can be happier! We are the creators of our happiness! It is not so much the events of our life that matter, but our attitude towards them. Every person can be happy even when the objective conditions of their lives are complicated.

Although the path to happiness and the struggle for it may seem complicated, with a few changes, it is possible. Some key points for achieving happiness and satisfaction are below:

  1. I allow myself to be human. I accept my mistakes and my negative feelings. I see them as evidence of my imperfect human nature and not as signs of inadequacy.
  2. I simplify my life. I set priorities. I do what is necessary. I say, “no.”
  3. I engage in relationships and activities that give me joy. It is essential in a life full of “musts” to enjoy time with people and activities that make me happy. Even a few minutes of doing simple, everyday but pleasant activities for us dramatically impacts our mood.
  4. I have goals that align with my values ​​and priorities. My goals can be short-term, like taking a trip with my family or friends if it’s something I enjoy, or long-term, like changing jobs if the one I have is not satisfying.
  5. I cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships. Relationships that are based on acceptance, support, and genuine concern for the other.
  6. I focus on the here and now. Preoccupation with future worries makes me anxious about things that may never happen.
  7. I focus on the positive side of seemingly adverse events. Every difficulty is another challenge, another opportunity to improve and grow.
  8. I appreciate even the little things that life offers me. I feel grateful for everything I have. No matter how small they are. Nothing is taken for granted, and not everyone has what I have.

Although the above may sound impossible to some people, they are not. By making small steps, little by little, my attitude toward life can change, and I will realize that I feel happier even if nothing seems to have changed in my life.

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